Death won’t be an issue

Even the strongest man will fall

he will fall miserably

for once he still has a heart

and in that heart there is the memory of an unrequited love

love that could have been his

love that could ponder bliss

but this love turned back

making him impassive and shallow

throwing his life in gutter

the love went with the flow


that love could have been his

but he didn’t do the expected

he stayed with her without expressing; hoping that one day she will realize

but the reality stepped in

and the one who said it, she accepted


but words don’t matter

what matters is the heart

now d life seems shatter

and everyone has gone apart

spending each second is like prison

as there’s no goal, no mission

now there is only one option to choose

either to live life or lose

livng without her is not possible

and livng with her can’t be made possible

as for now demise appears to be the greatest virtue

because life only gave hardships

and with due respct to that

death won’t be an issue


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