The Pink

How many times does that happen that the person who only exists in your dreams, comes right in front of you out of nowhere? Surreal. Intimidating. And at the same time thrilling every cell of your body.
This is once in a life-time experience. Rarely happens with everyone. And when i found myself in that situation, without any shadow of doubt, i was bowled.
Having no words to describe how i felt at that moment when i saw her for the first time. Black converse shoes, the untidy military pant, the body fit black ‘batman’ T-shirt and messy hair, loosely tied in the shape of a bun. The brown eyes like she stole them from a barbie doll and the milky skin just made me say that she descended from the realm of angels.
‘Perfect’ was the one word that came out of my mouth unconsciously. My eyes were only set on her, but i bet she must have made many more hearts skip a beat or two. She obviously put my heart in trouble. And suddenly i realized that today i had been wearing the pink. The shirt that i wore was ‘pink’, because of some stupid activity in the college that was about saying that there is no relation of colors and sex. And for that very same reason the girls came dressed up in blue and the guys, unfortunately in Pink.

Her presence at the subway was one of the best moments. Even in that damn crowd, my eyes just got hold for her.
She waited outside the Ladies compartment. Unfortunately, i had to go through a sex change operation to get myself next to her. So, the happiness that i had was taken away from me just because of my gender. For the first time, i thought of giving a thought about the word ‘Feminism’.
But my off the tracks thoughts were sweetly shown the right path by that very own girl whom i just fell in love with.
There is a saying about girls and it goes like, “if a girl looks straight at you for a minimum of three seconds..she probably finds you interesting”.
One..two..three..four..five..six and the count stopped at seventeen. And in those seconds i had lost my breath and skiped a few of my beats for sure.
It was one of the never-to-be expected moments of my life. To me it was more meaningful than my encounter with the great musician, ‘A. R. Rahman’.
Our eyes met with each other for the long seventeen seconds. That’s almost six times the average staring of a woman. I was just about to leave the ground and take off high above those skies and thank her sister angels for sending her down just for me. I wish i could really do that.
As she turned down her eyes…i could hear my heart loud. It was so clear sound that i felt after a few more moments i would be able to control the flow of the blood. Yeah, that was absurd to think.

Anyways, as she tripped down her eyes, i saw the movement of her lips. That little smirk had generated that spark and energy that i could use that power to run the entire city for a goddamn month.

But that was the reality i was facing..and in real life..pain and sufferings sometimes become our most loyal companions.
And that is what was happening. The train was about to enter the platform. The announcement gave the news. And within the next three seconds..the train arrived.
Her head was still down. I also didn’t move. She had her eyes on the ground. She literally closed her eyes. I was constanly looking at her. The gates opened and the crowd hushed to get in.
I stood there. Froze. I knew i was getting late. My house was two hours away from the present location. And a single second delay would cost me 10 more minutes because of lack of public transport during the evening hours at that route

But at that point and for once in my life..i had my destination standing right in front of my eyes just a few steps away.
For the next few seconds, i prayed. I prayed with all my hearts till the announcement of the train leaving the station.
And after ten seconds..all my prayers were heard. I felt a bit relaxed.
In all this time..she still had her eyes closed. She stood there. Still. Just like me.
Slowly she opened her eyes and instantly turned her face in my direction. Again for the second time..our eyes met.
One..two…and …
That was it. Just two seconds. What the heck was that.
I had these creepy thoughts knocking my head..that now she feels am a despo..who looks at every girl with lecherously..and etc etc
Deeply motivated by the fact that this wasn’t a dream anymore..neither i was high, nor i was imagining things. That girl was real. And she was the only reason why i was single for all these years. And somehow i felt that she was going to be very good for me.
With just that little hype running down my spine..i moved on. I moved towards her. Probably the most courages steps i treaded.
“Why didn’t you just leave”, i said to her as i stood beside her.
Turning her eyes to me with that little smile on her lips, she blushed and utteted ‘I like Pink’.


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