“The reason that they broke up was me…”
“Aakash and Kritika got separated because I was the one who intrigued Kritika and made Aakash look obnoxious in front of her..”
“I was the one who split the love birds..Rhea and Karun by bringing up her past relation..”
“Just shut up dude…just shut the fuck up..” Nidhi shouted.
Being her best friend, the Super Stud Nik found that shouting a bit condoscending. She already knew all of this very well. The eleven years bond obliged them to share almost everything and anything. That everything had no clauses of secrecy. From Nidhi’s naturally occuring monthly periods to Nik’s masturbation cycle..nothing had been in the hidden folder. It was all open between them.
They first met at a mutual friend’s birthday bash at a pub where Nik found Nidhi as the most drunk person. She had her breakup that very day, but she couldn’t miss the free liquor..keeping in mind her upheavel.
“What the fuck is wrong with you”, Nik baffled.
Still not having the audacity to grab the stupidity of his words..Nidhi stared at her best friends with the expression of disgust.
Not getting a reply back from her always pissed him off. Moreover that was the indication that he was about to be screwed. But screwing Nik had been a daily ritual since they became best friends. Nik liked her the moment he saw her at the pub. Seeing her fully drunk Nik tried to take his chances. But the innocense and cuteness on Nidhi’s face stopped Nik from crossing the line.
” You know i don’t like when you stare at me when i haven’t done anything wrong. I know you know it..”, Nik spoke after a few moments when he felt being shoved down by the silence of his best friend. Since silence was the only medium that connected them. Nidhi that night was drunk that she couldn’t utter anything and Nik was simply flattered by the way he saw her..all chilled out and and having fun..enjoying..not like other girls..just focusing on the length of their nails. Nik that time was unaware of her blunder. He safely dropped her off at her place keeping in her purse his contact number.
“When you know that you don’t like it..then why the fuck you say absurd words infront of me..”, Nidhi calmy expressed her sentiments. Nik on the other hand was still curious about her shouting at him. Curiousity is all that brings people close. The next day when Nidhi found Nik’s contact number in her purse..she found herself in the bubble of confusion. The bubble in which she was sitting was continuously visited by some of the crazy intentions of her mind. For once she was sure that the number is of a male escort she must have called last night. She was so drunk and the bad experience of her breakup held her with the same thought that she did sex with a gigolo.

” what’s absurd in it? You knew how much i hate when i see couples flaunting in public…and these couples only end up marrying other people. I just help them catalyse the process”, Nik winked as he let out his words. Nik somehow had the power to say the bitter truth without any hesitation. Be it anyone in front of him..he was one of those who preferred truth over anything. This was the only quality of his that attracted Nidhi. When Nik got the call from Nidhi the next day..he asked her out and promised to tell her the truth of the last night. And that’s how they met officially. Nik told her everything. About how he felt about her when he saw and what he was expecting from this bond. Nidhi being the victim refused initially to get in any kind of relation with him. She knew she needed someone, but using Nik to move on…was not an ethical way. She knew that doing bad to others or using others to uplift the self was even dirty than killing someone. She told him about her recent breakup and her reason for being super drunk. Nik’s eyes told Nidhi that he liked her, but she too knew how to be in control.
“But why the hell you flaunt about your shitty work every now and then? Want to have your name printed in the Guiness World Records?”, Nidhi’s brutual words were enough to realize Nik about his errors. Nik realized at that time also that Nidhi wants the realtion, but not the way he was thinking. Nik crushed his feelings, just for the sake of being with her. It was like once in a millennium thing for the casonova guy to ASK the girl for her friendship. And that was the first step of the beginning of a symbolic relation for both of them.
” wooh..i never thought of it like this way…”, Nik jumped up, “you are a genius you”. This was another facepalm moment for Nidhi adding up the list. Having a great body, wague dimply smile, and adaptation of trending hairstyle..always made him popular amongst the was his dumbness that let him down. Or else..he wouldn’t be single at the age of 29.
“Nothing can change you…God..” Nidhi whispered. She stole her eyes from him. Seeing her like that Nik knew that something has to done to made the lady smile. Because he had no one except her. Not even a single guy friend. The reason? His charismatic personality. His friends girlfriend’s ended up developing crush on him and thus terminating their relationships. Certainly, he was a player. But he got his own rules.

Nik stepped towards her and sat beside her. She turned around and hugged him. This was from always their favourite moment. When they both hugged each other. Some of the people from their college and work places tagged them as fuck buddies..mainly because of the casonova image of Nik and Nidhi being the single girl sharing a flat with his best friend.
But Nidhi only knew the reality. He wasn’t any casonava in real. Sometimes the reality is often hidden under the bridge.
The night is always the one to hold the blame for the rise of the devil. But it’s also that night only..that embarks us with the blanket of stars. Nik had tremendous respect for ladies, it was the girls most of the times who approached him just for seeking the physical pleasure.
These type of incidents and the reason of Nidhi’s breakup destroyed his image of love. If being there for each other can be seen as love…yes, they were in love.
“Just promise will never be the reason for another breakup..”, sobbing Nidhi said. Seeing those teary eyes made him realize the delicay. He was upset.
“it’s my promise to my won’t hear this news anymore.”
Nik promise was not like everyone’s. He meant what he said. Just like the time..when Nidhi came back home after celebrating her unemployability. That day she was fires because she rejected his boss’s offer of going on a date with him. That night booze had taken over her. She wanted to have sex and asked her best friend to volunteer it for the same. Nik knew that the pleasure for a few seconds can cost him a lifelong relation.
Nidhi knew that Nik won’t break the promise.
“I miss him”, nidhi whispered. Tears rolling down her eyes.
” It hurts to see your hurt”, nik commented.
She hugged him tightly. Cluching her teeth in his shoulder she cried even louder.
Nidhi broke up with Akshay eleven years ago..or rather say it was Akshay who dumped her. He had this bet his best friend just to entice Nidhi. Nidhi already liked him before she got to know him. Akshay took the close to her..became his friend..and then her boyfriend..all this he did in one week. And as she said yes to the relationship..Akshay did the obvious thing..and then left her..saying it was just a hard feelings.
“What is it”, Nik asked her politely. It had been 11 years and why was she missing him. Her memories with Akshay were only one week long. Just seven days and now even after eleven years..nothing Changed.
“I know you yourself don’t pave the way for other’s breakup”, Nidhi said, “you do it so that the wrong people get what they deserve. But every time i feel bad when i hear it from you. Breakups are matter how the people are..but nothing hurts more bad than a breakup. I feel connected to the girl who goes through the breakup..i feel the pain and misery every single time..please for my sake..don’t get involved in all this..”
Nik blindly accepted what his friend asked him to. And that’s what keeps them together.
After few more moments..they came back to normal. Nidhi turned on her witty mode.
“You know what”, she uttered, ” breakup is fun by the way” she winked.
“Yeah”, Nik added, ” until it is not ours”.


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