The Coward Man

“The day she committed suicide” Adi said, ” She was with you that day. I saw you two together sitting in your car”.
“Seriously man, i have no fucking idea about what you are talking”, Sam denied with a straight face. No line of tension on his face. Showing off his fake confidence, he wasn’t able to look directly into Adi’s eyes.
Adi knew that no matter how many times Sam lies, he was here for something else.
” so, now you don’t miss her?”, Adi asked.
Sam involved himself with today’s greatest invention, smartphone. He was well aware what the talk was all about, yet he didn’t want to let his emotions out.
“What are you talking, bro”, Sam uttered casually.
“I guess I’m talking your Late girlfriend and my Late sister”, the heavy words were out. Sam fingers suddenly stopped. The scrolling of the screen vanished. Sam’s eyes were still staring at the screen. Adi sitting right in front of him had his eyes on his face. The numb Sam didn’t move.
For few seconds no one moved. No movement. Nothing. Not even the noise of the clock or Air conditioner was effective. It was like the perfect state of meditation.
Sam raised his face. He looked at the unfortunate brother of his beloved girl. Finally, the tears were out. The pressure of being strong enough for the loss was just for the public, but in real he was crying out loud.
“I don’t know what to say”, Sam spoke while sobbing. His voice was carrying the load of his unsuccessful love. Adi seeing his tears out for his sister..went with the flow and shed a few tears.
” what made her to do this”, Sam asked Adi…still unaware after three weeks about the reason of her love’s demise.
“The path of love is not easy..there are hurdles”, Adi said, ” and most of the becomes difficult to chose the right path.”
Sam seemed confused. Basically, it was difficult for him to cope with the mysterious words. He was seeking the simple answers.
“I didn’t get you..what path..choice..”
As it was difficult for Sam to grasp the complexity, it was even more hard for Adi to spill out the reality.
“Dad’s colleague saw you two together and as she reached home..Dad was already there to welcome her.
Mom was already locked in the other room. As this wanted to teach the girl a lesson. And later it turned out..she left us and taught each one of us a lesson. For me the lesson is…not everyone will understand you..atleast you should.”
“Where were you when it was happening”, Sam questioned. Adi knew that this was the right moment to confess.
” i was there..standing..when Dad was beating her up…her teary eyes didn’t affect me much..i was in anger..don’t know why..but now..i realize how much you meant to him. She really loved you Sam. She did.”

“Why didn’t you stop your dad?”

“Stopping him would haven’t done anything. When i saw you two, i could really see the love. I can say this..because that was the same when i’m with my girl. And when dad was hitting her..i could relate to every hit she was getting. I was determined to help my sister, but not giving any clue to our parents..but before anything could have done..she took the Ugly Step and left all of us.”
Chocking his throat Sam uttered, “we both know how she was. She must have thought of it very precisely. Or else she must have not taken that step”.
As Sam said those words..tears gushed out at a higher rate from Adi’s eyes. It seemed as if they were just waiting to roll down.
Because whatever Sam said about was all true. She was the youngest member of the family..and yet she was the matured amongst them all. Her decisions were all well sought out.
” yes..she knew what she was doing. When dad stopped after beating her..she ran to her room and locked it from inside. I knocked the door for a while and after few moments she passed a slip. I got busy reading the note and as i finished reading it..till that was too late to take any action..the harm had been done..”
The vibe at that moment was hard to understand. They were talking about the one who meant a lot to both of them. And yet none of them couldn’t do anything to save her.
Adi passesd on the note to Sam. The note had some of the last words from Neha. She wanted to direct movies..but all she could direct was her life’s episode. The tragic death.
In that she mentioned about how much she loved her family and her love Sam. She knew that she didn’t want her parents to read this note ever. She wrote about taking this decision is necessary because it only can help her mother and father realize their mind set. She wanted to make this world a better place.
She also mentioned about the relationship of his brother, Adi and her girlfriend, Aashi. She had also met Aashi without any knowledge of Adi about their friendship.
“You know why she wrote this note”, Sam aggressively asked Adi.
Adi still drowned in the trauma shook his head.
” she knew about your relationship. She and your love were good friends. And your girlfriend was worried about the relationship..because she wanted to marry you and you didn’t seem sure as of your parents. Neha didn’t want the same to happen to Aashi..that’s why she made sure that only you get to read this and not your parents..”
Hearing all this ..Adi cried. All the people in the coffee shop turned their eyes to him. Sam gestured them to focus on their own bloody businesses.
“Can i ask you something”, Sam said.
Adi nodded simply.
” what are your plans with your girlfriend?”
“She wants to marry me. I love her. But i don’t family..”
Sam stood up fiercely. Adi stopped. Sam looking at Adi with anger in his eyes.
“Your sister gave up her life so that you get the power to marry the girl who loves you. Because she didn’t want the same ending of your girlfriend’s life. And here you are sitting with full of doubts..great..hats off to you…”
Adi didn’t utter anything. He literally had no words to put in for his defence.
“You know what Neha used to tell me most of the times”, Sam said, ” Coward is the man who leaves the girl by ingiting the love in her heart.”


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