The Life That Went Well

Don’t know how everyone is doing

They don’t know the direction, but they are going

Running aimlessly without any goal

Destroying both the body and the soul

But before this..there was something more

When there was the target, but no pressure to score

When having fun was not about getting high

But rather about who will come up with the most innovative lie

When stress was not about reaching the office on time

But to solve as fast as possible the mystery of the crime

When our hearts knew nothing about dating

But everyone was loveable and was there wasn’t any hating

When playing meant chilling out with friends

But not breaking other’s hearts and letting the relation end

U see, the list can go on and on

But the feelings that needs to be expressed are not uncommon

We all know how that early phase was

When we were our own slave and our own boss

The early years were so full of everything

We were insanely happy despite of owning nothing

And now we are all messed up..messed up with the concept of heaven and hell

And in this chaos..we have forgot to live, but still remember the life..the life that went well.


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