The Ideal World

There is this one thing of with whom each one of us is clear
As the way we are proceeding..our end is near
Although we may not put it out bluntly
But the talk is running in our hearts silently
We all are aware what is wrong
But instead of taking the measures
We lit candles and make emotional songs
That’s not how the world we desire will come into existence
Nor will it be the result of any coincidence
It’s time to make efforts to walk that extra mile
And close that every opened file
Depending on others or blaming won’t help anymore
We already have damaged a the time is to restore
Helping others is the smallest step we can initiate
The fear of distrust that we can eliminate
Being with each other is all that is required
And a new lineage can be carried forward
There is always something that can be done is a positive direction
And for that no one needs to seek any permission
As for now..don’t run away and do not resist
As far as The Ideal World is concerned
It does not exists.


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