We Need To Talk

Why everything has to be so complicated with you”, mitali screamed.
The echo of her high pitched voice startled everyone sitting in the dorm.
She was in her bedroom with her husband getting ready for their first marriage anniversary celebration at their house.
The guest list included everyone close to their hearts. The gentry was limited.
Aman, her hubby was dressed up wearing the same outfit which he wore exactly an year ago. For once he was sure that it was his clothing that made his wife go insane.
But it was just an year to their happily married after thing and it wasn’t even the love marriage. So, Aman’s chances of guessing out why his wife shouted at him..was the number that the great Indian Scientist Aryabhatta gave.
She was still getting ready. Her makeup was undone. Her dress was undone. Her footwear was undone. Her jewelry was obviously undone.
For guys, it is simple. Blue denim everytime and a plain T-shirt of any color makes us ready for any small occasion. But for ladies, yeah, we all know..the hell breaks out. They had to wear matching jewelry with the matching outfit, put on matching makeup along with matching footwear. It surely sounds easy, but it’s NOT. Their main problem is..from where to start. Whether to chose dress first or footwear or makeup or jewelry.
But this doesn’t end here. The occasion also matters. She can’t wear western for an Indian wedding. Whereas, the blue denim fits every single occasion. From pubs to funerals. Everywhere.
Mitali’s bed was fully covered with all the shortlisted dresses she could put up. There were almost 25 of them. The whole room had been a bloddy mess.
“Put up anything..no one cares how you look”, Aman commented, ” they haven’t come here to have a glimpse of you. They will have loads of free booze and then dirty jokes and then they will fucking leave their asses”.
Hearing the words from Aman only ignited her anger. She wanted to wreck her husband, but she was bounded.
“Then..i feel..i mustn’t wear anything..”, she said with some senusation.
The expression of words aroused Aman. He just couldn’t control his thing. He waa a pretty sensitive guy.
” don’t you think…”, Aman uttered choking his throat, ” we neee to talk?”
Their eyes looked at each other. With no peaceful emotions.
And the next moment..they were both on the bed. Crumbling and crushing the clothes..rolling..jumping..playing..doing the nasty stuff forgetting all about the guests who were outside.
After ten minutes..again it started. They started with their sex thing all over again.
Their relation was more of a physical type. No doubt they were married..but they were new to the relation. Aman was flattered by Mitali’s vitals. And Mitali was amazed to his huge bank balance. And that was it. Both solving the purpose for each other. Both supplying the demand.
And it was damn true. They both were still in touch with their previous partners. And both of knew about it. There was nothing to hide. It was all open.
“It was a very nice talk”, Aman said, raising his eyebrows gleefully.
” talks”, her better half corrected him, kissing him on his nose. It was their thing.
They were so much in lust.
Afterall, we all are. From the moment we see a person..we only get to look at them..their physical significance. It’s their geography that allures us..and we get excited to have some chemistry and then when the work is done..we leave them as history. That’s what it is now-a-days.

There are no friendships, there are fuckships.

Seeing Mitali getting dressed up..Aman’s eyes fell on her belly. There was this butterfly tatoo right abover her waist.
“Hey…when did the butterfly came”, Aman inquired.
Being in a good mood and in a hurry, she forgot that her husband had not explored the territory being visited by some other explores too.
” mike got me this tatoo and he fucking loves it”.

The awkward silence. As she realized what she said..she stopped. Aman was already stunned. He was aware that she was seeing her ex guy..but he wasn’t informed that he was also visiting the silicon valley.
She was ashamed of herself. She was. Because Mike was that guy who explored Malini’s younger sisters at the same time when Mike was watering plants in her garden.
But marriage with Aman was something not on the checklist. Aman’s unhealthy relationships with her NRI aunt was the reason of this marriage. But Mitali still unheard of this bond..made Aman realized his mistakes, too.
Both were defected. But who isn’t. Everyone is. And this can’t be treated.
“So…”, mitali said, ” do we need to talk more?”
Aman took mitali by eerie and suggested, “we need to talk..more and more and more..every single time…”


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