Tasteless Victory

The moment we took birth..we are told to run

We were forced to do stuff without having fun

But what if life is actually meant to enjoy?

And by running..all we are doing is destroy?

Hell.. No..it can’t be true

Oh..wait..but what if it is..what will you do?

Will you stop ruining your precious time

By quitting your job which you feel is prime

Will you stop chasing your bank account

And indulge your in something that literally counts

Will you stop following the herds

And have the courage to realize you can fly like free birds

Will you just open up your limited mind

And let go off everything that was confined

We are the souls..not the machines

We are here to explore in real..not just via screens

We already have everything we require

For a moment..let’s just ignore all our meaningless desires

We are fully complete and capable

Let’s not put in more efforts at something that will be regrettable

Let’s just stay calm and silent

Let’s pour peace out in the vacant

As it is the high time to take the action

If not now..again we will end up in dissatisfaction

Again we will complicate life and treat it as a mystery

And again we will indulge..indulge ourselves in those Tasteless Victories


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