Love Was Within Me

Each person i met..told me this
Love can only bring bliss
Hearing this I got a new mission
Finding Love was my only ambition
But the biggest hurdle was still there
I still had no clue as in to search where?
I was naive to this concept
And i was looking for something totally perfect
I asked my parents where i could find Love?
They said God is the answer and moved their heads above
But that way i can not find Love down here
There must be something or someone present on this revolving blue sphere
I asked my friends..where can i find it
They were busy filling pockets..they didn’t give a shit
I liked a girl and asked her about love
She kissed me and said..isn’t this enough?
My quest for love wasn’t going in any direction
There was nothing except dissatisfaction
Everyone suggested me to stop and settle down
Or else this expidition will lead me to my breakdown
Just when i took a pause i realized
It was all crystal clear, but i was looking for something to be syombolized
Because Love is neither a commodity nor a person
It is a verb..a feeling..a whole different version
It was useless to climb the mountains and dive deep into the sea
Beacuse Love was always within me.


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