Sex is Easy

“I think we are compatible enough to have sex with each other”, Jay uttered confidently.
Totally cool with his charm and bold nature, Tia couldn’t give him any reason not to explore each other.
And that was it. Just with 48 hours of meeting each other, they found out they are compatible for one another. Intriguing.
But it is the way it is.
It was not new for any of them. Both were the players.
But for once Tia’s heart took a different path. The second she saw Jay she knew she wanted something from him. And soon she realized it was nothing else, but Jay only.
The promiscuous nature was now under control for the very first time. She took the chance without thinking much. Risk taking ability and decision making was her forte. Whether it was about getting physical with a total stranger or taking her own business on the top. She knew how to play. She was a born player.
But even the best player faces a bad form where the game doesn’t go according to the wish. And the same case was with Jay. She was unaware of her bad form and his good form. And certainly it worked. They both felt lucky to have each other.
Those sweet gestures in the starting and those respectful conversations..completely made her believe that he is the one.
But life is more experienced player than any on us. Life plays the perfect game. It hijacks our mind and we feel that we are the one on the winning side. But baby, that’s the trap. And when the perfect time comes..Life shows the real cards and that’s how the game gets over and we find ourselves on the exact opposite side.

Just when Jay found that Tia is one of those for whom having sex with different partners is enjoying..he rolled his dice without wasting a moment.
Surely she was hurt. Surely she trusted the wrong man. But she wasn’t the right woman either.
After doing their thing.. Exploring each other’s bodies and enjoying their fullest..Tia hushed to leave the place ASAP.
Confused by her actions, Jay asked, “what is wrong? What are you up to?”
Tia rolled her eyes at that guy with a bit seriousness and said,
“Sex is easy..try love..sometime..”


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