Sex Freaks

“I just don’t get it”, Lavina uttered smashing down the beer bottle hard on the table.
Totally ignoring her words, Rahul kept on drinking the pint. He didn’t want to insult the booze for something that didn’t concern him.
Getting nothing in response from her new met partner, lavina contorted her eyes.
She shouted, ” hell you..i paid for gotta talk to me..or else keep that glass down and fuck off…”
It was a complete blow off for rahul. He didn’t expect those stones coming. They both met after 10 years. They were together in school.
“ isn’t what you are thinking..”, RAHUL fumbled, kept the glass down, ” i just didn’t want to interrupt you..i thought you must be letting your heart out about that hurts you…”
He played that very well. Sneakingly pouring himself another glass. In school they both were studious. Never talked anything off the track except their books. And none of them had that sort of thing for each other.
But school was over ten years ago. 10 years..means a lot. Maybe they both didn’t realise that people do change.
“No..i wasn’t saying something that hurts me..”, Lavina commented softly, ” but i had this confusion that runs every time i sip in alcohol..”
For every once in a week, Rahul used to get out in the jungle for his hunt. And today was that day. But unfortunately he accidently barged in with Lavina. Lavina was out there in the bar with her office group and when she got a chance to cut them out, she escaped from there. But Rahul didn’t want to hang out with her. He was looking for some action, but was stuck and his precious time was being wasted in just exchanging bullshit words.
Guys have a tendency to predict where the talk can go. And accordingly they chose their responses.
“I totally agree with you..”, Rahul said, ” and the solution to every confusion is in your hands right now..drink it and get rid off the damn confusion..”
Baffled by his words, Lavina got the hint what he was up to.
“People think something something else..and expect something else..”, Lavina said.
Rahul simply nodded sipping in the booze.
” like you see..if i wanna have sex with you i must go on and say it directly “, lavina said..her eyes directly looking into his.
Rahul spilled the drink from his mouth in utter shock when the unexpected words hit his ears.
” what do you mean “, he kept down his glass and was interested in the not so bullshit-ty talk.
Seeing his action on this..she knew how to tame the bitch.
” what i meant is..see..we are grownups..”
“Yeah..yeah..we are grownups..”, rahul intruded sipping another pint on the top.
” yes..and we must act that are a guy..what do you need..”
“Boobs..”, he uttered unabashedly.
” exactly.. And me being a girl..i need..”
“Penis..”, rahul intruded. He was spiced up with the convo here.
“You got it..but no one say it..we tend to behave stupidly..throw up weird actions and then expect the other one to get know about what is running in our mind..”
Rahul spoke, “while at the same time.. The other one is also doing the same and in the end..”
“In the end..they both go home without any action..”, intruded Lavina.
” where had you been lady”, rahul shouted in excitement. The delightment on his face was like a newly wedding groom.
“Sitting right here at your service”, Lavina winked twisting her lips.
And they both finished their packs. Three bottles down each. Already done with the dirty talk. Now what next?
Their eyes did the rest of the talking. Now they were about to make the actual use of their mouths and were ready to use what they just discussed of.
” Shall we”, rahul asked.
“We shall”, the obvious response came down the line.


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