The Perfect Girl (real incident)

Today i saw the girl..the perfect one indeed. Dark blue T-shirt, open pink checked shirt, a small brown leat purse to carry her belongings, skin fit light blue jeans precisely showing every curve of her body and the best part..her ornaments..those two little things in her ears..i don’t know what they are called..but whatever they were..totally went with her brown eyes and white skin. No makeup. Nothing. Just a descendant from the heaven.
For the first time, I felt peace when i saw her as i hurriedly boarded the subway. No greedy thought. Just pure relief. I was glad that i was fortunate enough to have a glimpse of her. Not everyday everyone gets to see something worth admiring.

The compartment was already over crowded. And for some reason i felt her the reason behind it. But if that wouldn’t have been the case, then it must be the disregard of the beauty. Not going deep..everyone was rolling their eyes on her. Even the other ladies present there. No doubt. She deserved every ounce of it.

Well, she was way out of my, I didn’t even think of approaching her. I just wanted to have this encounter a happy memory.
And it really turned out one of those memories which I’ll be keeping safely in the memory closet.

Right beside her was sitting a small boy, probably eight or nine years old, holding her hand. He had small eyes, short hair and a different kind of smile on his face.
But something was also different about that boy. When i looked closely, the little champ there was blind. May be that was the reason he was firmly holding her hand.
I moved a few steps forward..close to both of them. I was really interested because both of them didn’t seem related. I was curious about their connection.
And all my mysteries were solved the very next moment. As the announcement of the next station was made..the little boy tapped the left forearm of the lady with his left hand and took off his right hand from her left hand. She then turned her eyes at his hands. He switched them in some manner as if he was telling her something. And as he finished off, she smiled and held his hand again.
Interestingly, they both stood up. And i relaized she was deaf. And the little hero must have told her about the arrival of their destination using sign language. This one theory fitted my intellect.
Since everyone was watching her..each one moved aside to make way for the prettiest lady to easily deboard the train.

They both reached the gate. I had my eyes on them constantly. And what next i saw turned my perception up side down.
The little hero was wearning a white collar T-shirt and “Smiling Kids Orphanage” was printed in blue on the back of the outfit.
The prettiest lady being not fully complete as per the societical norms adopted someone just like her…someone incomplete just like her.
But what i witnessed, for even a nano second i didn’t see any flaw. I didn’t see anything incomplete. They were completing their worlds. No matter what others speak of them, those shallow words were far away from their miraculous bond.
Most of us are blessed with a beautiful body..but having a beautiful body isn’t just enough. And few of us are blessed with beautiful souls. And that’s what makes all the difference.

When two people accept and respect each other flaws..then only a real bond is fromed. And that’s the taste of love.
Don’t run for perfection as it doesn’t exist.
And damn i was right..she was the Perfect girl!


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