Foreplay League

“What the fuck is all this…where the hell are they..”, Maddy screamed at Kia right after he entered her house.
She was prepared for this reaction. She already saw this coming.
” Anju is off to her boyfriends’, Nitika got unwell and Ashish’s Dad didn’t allow him because he was caught last month drunk”, kia replied.
Absorbing the words he sighed. He rolled his eyes at Kia and shook his head.
“And what about these”, he said uplifting those two boxes of beers which had 6 beers each.
” we can consume a bit..and rest you take back to your hostel”, very calmy Kia said. She knew the blunder was done.
“I told you..we can’t rely on these people..but it was you only who isisted to call them..and denied my plan of going for a movie..”, Maddy burst out his sentiments without any rage.
” but we still can go with your plan..”, Kia winked. Maddy liked her action.
Kia and Maddy the two lost souls. The two people who are totally like each other. They met few weeks back at the college event. Same college, but different courses.
They had their breakups two months ago. Kia’s seven years of relationship doomed beacuse her mate was sleeping with his neighborhood friend. And Maddy couldn’t sustain his five years long distance relationship. The event they met at was about to discuss the problems and come up with the best possible solutions in relationships. And they turned out to be best at this. Joined in as strangers, but went out as friends.
“What do you mean..we still can..? are you sure about this..”, suprised Maddy hugged Kia.
” yes .we was my plan and it didn’t go the way..and amongst all of them you showed up..i owe you this..”, she smiled back.
Kia’s parents were out. Her grandfather’s health was not up to the mark, so she made the plan of inviting all of her besties to watch the Football Finale with booze and all.

Kia was not like other girls. She was cool. No makeup. No fashion gears. Shorts and it any occasion..any day. She was a football freak. And wrestling and boxing were her forte.

Maddy was calm and simple guy. A big fan of romantic movies. And whenever he used to get time, he pitched the idea of watching his favorite movie, ‘The Notebook’, to Kia, but she never pulled that idea as she tagged them as useless and boring.
But now…she agreed to watch the movie, but her intentions were dirty. Her filthy mind had planned everything and till that time..everything was well on the track.
Maddy connected his laptop to the television set and hit the play button. Kia not at all interested in the movie, went to the washroom after five minutes.

As she came out she knew what she had to do. She sat across the other end of the sofa, streched her legs and kept them on his thighs. Maddy was already one beer down..didn’t mind it and was busy with his movie. To ignite the move..she rubbed her legs. She skimmed them back and forth his thighs.
Always being in shorts..her brown legs allured Maddy. He just couldn’t help himself. He kept his right hand on her ankle and started massaging it. For few minutes..he remained in that position and then slowly-slowly moved up. He crawled his hands up.
The moment he reached her thighs..she was up. She jumped off the sofa and sat on his lap.
Both their eyes staring at each other. In the background, the romantic score from the movie adding up the sensation. Both were warmed up. She slowly approached his lips. She licked his lower lip and nibbled it. Maddy was charged. He pressed her lower lip and after that the train caught the speed.
Most of the times..soon after the kiss..the mind gets changed because there wasn’t any relationship between the two. and after being physical, there is a certain chance of losing out the friensdship too. Kia knew maddy would stop soon after the kissing was over. But she wanted to have it full. So, she took the command in her hands.
She held his right hand and placed it on her left breast. Maddy’s hand perfectly covered her breast and this added more heat. He squeezed it firmly. And the next moment the second hand reached the deserved position. The kissing and squeezing and in background the romantic music..all going smooth.
Kia held his face and moved it back. The kissing stopped. The squeezing paused.
Taking heavy breaths..they both had their beats going at a much faster rate than the normal.
“Lets..get to the bed..lets go..”, Kia suggested.
Looking deep into her eyes..Maddy nodded.
He carried her the same way..Ryan Gosling carries Rachel McAdams in the movie. But the whole didn’t happen the way it did in the movie.
When Maddy threw Kia on the bed..he realized that he wasn’t having the condom. And an unprotected sex was something he wouldn’t do.
And that’s when he got the reality hitting his face.
Kia turned back. The condom was there with her shorts pocket. She pulled it out..opened the packet with her mouth and handed it to Maddy.
” how come you carrying it”..baffled Maddy questioed.
She stood up on the bed..removed her top and uttered..”football taught me that one needs to be prepared for anything and everything..” And there went the black bra.
Maddy jumped on the bed removing his shirt and jeans.
As he climbed on her..Kia whispered, “the whole game was only to get you in me..”

The plan of watching the football match was never made in actual. Kia took the opportunity well of the non-presence of her parents. She never called any of her friends. Only maddy was called with the booze. And the ultimate desire of foreplay was to be fulfilled.


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