Let The Sex-ing Begin

“Sex is the thing you need to focus on”, RJ said with full delightment. His eyes going wide and his mouth ogling.
“Just shut up..at least think before saying anything…and most of the times you talk shit anyway…”, Viraj replied.
His reply was a true statement. If an analyst can prepare a pie chart or a bar code chart or something like that..then the frequency of words , ‘sex’ and ‘condom’, would be on the TOP from RJ’s mouth. Because he only knew one thing and that is sex. And no sex goes without condom.
“Come on bro..”, RJ uttered, ” you never listen to me..that’s why you are lacking and see me..”
Viraj turned his contorted eyes at RJ. Filled with anger..Viraj just controlled.
But that was the whole truth.
RJ had his point and he was 100% correct about it.
They both were taking coaching for their MBA exam. In every test, RJ used to Top the batch. They both were roommates, so, Viraj knew that RJ used to study less than him, but every time the Topper was RJ.
Viraj asked him about this and what he heard from him was not at all acceptable. And Viraj came to the conclusion that he was a cheater who will never clear the MBA entrance.
But as the time passed on and the tests went on..it became more and more clear to both of them that who will clear the Entrance. Infact the whole godamn batch hated RJ as he was sure to nail the Entrance.
“But whatever you say is totally illogical.. It’s just your own personal thesis.. A mere postulate.. You can’t prove it..Never in your life..”, Viraj confronted.
” oh yeah.. You will see..i will prove it..i will prove it like a theorem.. “, RJ winked.
Viraj in respect to his roommate gave him an appericiation with his middle fingers of both hands.
RJ burst into laughter and accepted the award with full respect.
According to RJ..after a certain age..a man..or a guy to be precise..needs to overcome his desire..sexual desire.
Everyone has different point of saturation..for some guys it comes during their teenage while some can wait Till their marriage. But everyone needs it.

Yeah..we all know it true. It’s sex. It’s necessity. It’s important.
” have you heard the proverb..”, RJ said, “that behind every successful man there is a woman..have this line ever crossed you ears?”
Viraj nodded..settling down on his bed..”yes..yes..several times..”
RJ smirked.. He knew now he got him..”and have you ever tried or even put your fucking brain to understand it?”
Timelessly confused by his words..RJ was speechless. Obviously he didn’t. Obviously none of us did.
“The real meaning behind this statement is..after a certain age the man..a guy…”
“Yeah..yeah..you have told me about this before also..”, Viraj intruded. He was now frustrated.
” but you never thought beyond it..”, RJ commented.
Viraj just raised his eyebrows. And that was enough of the lead for the RJ. That gestuw showed his interest.
“The secret is..my friend.. For getting success in any field.. Be in business.. Office..studies…and even relationships..sex is a common denominator for each one..without sex nothing can be achieved.”
“Bullshit.. Again and again the same bullshit..”, Viraj shouted throwing his sweaty towel at RJ.
RJ was relaxed. He knew it takes courage and a calm mind to grasp all this. But now he was determined to share his secret with his peer..as there was a less time left for the MBA entrance. And he wanted Viraj to also score the Top marks.
” what is the most necessary thing to achieve success..”, RJ questioned.
“Focus..you idiot..not sex..”, Viraj shouted.
” yes..you are right..it is Focus..”, RJ nodded..,” but my friend.. Are you focused? ”
The question from RJ shoved Viraj into a pit. They both knew that Viraj wasn’t focused. He did use to study a lot..devote a lot of time in cramming and all..but still..he wasn’t scoring according to his caliber and hard work.
“You might do not know this consciously..”, RJ uttered, ” but what your body needs is some physical connection with someone..”
“But..how…”, Viraj asked slowly.
” see..sex is something which is overrated..but in real it is one of the most crucial experience that one needs to explore as soon as one starts playing with the self. Be it a girl or a boy..once we start playing with the self.. Our mind shifts there. The part that controls the focus gets diverted to the sexual realm..our hormones hijack our intelligence and we have no control over it.. We can’t discuss witg the parents and with friends..they themselves are struggling with the same..”
There was a complete silence in the room. The truth was out. The mystery was revealed.
“And because of that you are focused and Score well everytime..”, Viraj asked.
“Yes..brother..you see.. I’m satisfied.. I get satisfied once in a week.. And then my brain focuses only on books..that’s why i study less and score more ..”
“But with whom you do it?”.. Viraj inquired.
” how come you think Natasha is the second topper of our batch? “, RJ winked,
“Natasha was having the same problem..she was industrious, but results not up to the mark..”
Viraj exclaimed. He was motivated.
“Most of us think that”, RJ uttered, ” not indulging with the other gender or not thinking of this girl or that boy will help them to focus on their goal..ambition.. But the reality is always opposite to what we think..and it is the same case..”
“So, now what should i do..”, Viraj asked..
” Let the Sex-ing Begin..”


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