A wise man somewhere on the face of this Earth once said, “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.”
Well, there is another statement for the same in Indian version. It goes like this, “Hasi to Fasi”, means, ” If she laughed, she is in.”
I don’t know how much relevant is all this is. As there are no statistics or any scientific data available till date for the same. Might be somewhere on this planet, any scientist would be working hard to prove this and make a theorm or a universal law out of it. Who knows.

But there is one thing that is extremely true. And that is? Well, lets find out.
I had been with many girls. A lot. And each lady taught me something new. something that no book ever told. Something no men ever ever said. Something no girl conveys directly.
You see, Girls are not simple. I don’t know they know this or not. But i found them extremely complex. Even the mathematics and physics seemed much more easy in comparison to them.

But these ladies out there, are a pool. A pool of knowledge. A pool from where you can attain wisdom. A pool that controls the whole world. Well, yeah, we guys are nothing without them. Not sarcastically, but really. We may criticise them, but the thing that we can even survive a day without them is the utter truth.
Anyways, back to the lessons that I learnt. Girls, no doubt never say anything straight. When you look in their eyes, you drown. When you hear their voice, you get hipnotised. When you touch them, you lose your consciousness. When you kiss them, you experience the phase of non-gravity. And when you make love to them, you meditate like the saints.

Holy crap! This is the power of ladies? I wonder this is not the power. This is one simple truth no one told us. Ladies are priceless. Forget about running, we men can’t even stand without them. And the truth is we are totally incomplete if they aren’t around. This is for normal men, not for the ones who are highly spiritual beings. For them, they have attained the level that they don’t need a women externally. Because, within them a woman resides. And that’s why they are complete.
So, why is that we never ever see them? We do look at them, but only unconsciously. There must be something wrong with us? Yes, a lot. And what is it? I pretty much think, we all know what it is.

Then why is that we fail to understand them? Because we are trying to understand them. This is it. Period. Why can’t we just stop that analytical mind of ours when we are with women? Why can’t we simply sit with them, hold their hands, and spend a few hours together. I don’t think it is hard. It is the easiest task to do. Easiest than even daydreaming.

I don’t know what made me to come up with all this. I just felt like writing down the stuff I felt. I know it might not be acceptable, but this is what every girl I met told me. Since, every girl told me the same, I felt it must be a trick or something, and that’s where I got wrong.
It is we guys who try to find something in their words or actions and fail everytime to feel them. Girls are real. They exist. We must feel them. Not run our brains at stupid places.
Be with them, if you want to explore everything.


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