The Hopeless Lover

The heart never settles for less, it wants more
But the heart I needed was always yours.
Certainly, we both desired for different directions
I wanted the moon and you chose the sun.
I told you to break-up and be at peace
But it was you who didn’t want the essence of our bond to decrease
Within a few days, the pact of disturbing each other already got faded
What I thought would be glitter, was just gold-plated
And that’s when I got a little stroke
I should have stood at what I spoke
Because it’s not you who is suffering
I’m the one who has to look for the healing
I don’t even know whom to blame
If I say you, that would also be lame
You did what you had to
I don’t know why I’m still wearing those shoes
Because somewhere I feel you will look back
And we’ll again get hold of that beautiful track
Because who knows when we meet?
Life is too short, we might catch up on the same street
As we aren’t yet done
As in my life you are still a question
And my heart is waiting for that answer
I’m still standing there like a hopeless lover…


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