Its been years that I had been out
And in these years I couldn’t figure..what life is all about?
I see people confused and in dismay
Putting themselves in problems out of their way
And now i feel i was good inside
Must have spent some more time there and then died
Because here everywhere is insanity
There are humans, but no humanity
Inside my mother’s womb, that thing was present
That thing that can cause a dent
That thing is the crucial of all
With it even a dwarf appears tall
Because it’s powers are always underestimated
Always neglected and all the time underrated
But now as we all can look around
No one is happy above the ground
I don’t know how we survived till date
But it is the moment to finally change our fate
We had come a long way and it wasn’t a journey to be appreciated
We lacked courage and were always deserted
Let’s overcome the fear and fly free like dove
It’s time to get rid of the life
The life that is without Love.