“Dude..congratulations..”, Sam said with full excitement, ” finally..the time is yours..you must be flying man..I’m damn happy that you made it..”
The over energetic, notorious and eveready-for-fun Tom was silent. The expected ambiance of being ecstatic was completely over-powered by remorse and repentance.
Tom didn’t even raised his eyes as his brother, Sam entered the room. He sat there. Ignored him totally with a hope that he would shut his mouth.
But seeing his brother in such not-so-expected negative situation, Sam knew he got to be the bad guy here and somehow pull out the words from his silent brother.
“Bro..it is your marriage..”, Sam tipped the shoulder, ” after a struggle of two years you are finally getting the love of your life.”
Sam hoped that he would have tricked him to get into conversation, but no..he had to work more.
His first trick flunked miserably. But he knew how to get him down. He took the most obvious step. Sam went out the room without uttering a word.
Seeing his brother treading out, Tom felt relieved. But within two minutes his nightmare was back.
Sam and Tom were brothers. And since childhood they are unable to hide things from each other. It doesn’t matter how creepy the thing was..it was always on the cards. Tom being the older one, showed his younger brother the path of bliss. He taught him how to pleasure ‘The Self’.
But now the situation was a bit tough. Tom himself knew that he won’t be able to restrict himself much. And now Sam was back again, but not alone. He bought their best friend with him.
Tom whispered, “I’m gone now..he is playing hard now..”
Sam quickly paased on the beer bottle to his brother and also had one for the self.
Sam said, “you can’t break the bro code..you gotta say whatever it is..you obviously can shut your mouth for me..but not with this little friend..”
Tom nodded. He took the bottle, exhaled a heavy breath and finished it quickly.
“All my life i wad proud that I was a boy..that I am dominant..I can do this..do everything..do stuff and had to answer no one..n bla bla..”, Tom uttered in full frustration.
Tom went on pouring out his frustrating mind. Sam didn’t stop him. He knew this wasn’t the real deal. This was something he was irritating him. But the real matter was not up yet.
As soon as Tom stopped, Sam asked..” What exactly do you desire?”
“Why so?”
At this moment the hero is full on drunk. If you will ask him to lick his ass, he will do it. But practically it is impossible to lick your own, so it is off the track.
Anyhow Tom did answer the question and his response was,
” i wish I could be a girl “.
Getting to hear these words from your elder brother on the day of his marriage is nothing but a heart attack. It’s like Rolando saying, ‘I don’t wanna play football anymore’.
He spilled out the beer from his mouth. His only reaction to anything horrible.
” don’t waste beer man.. “, Tom shouted.
He apologized for his action and said, ” but what happened.. Why you saying all this? You just had your promotion..and now you are getting married..because of you mom and dad are delighted.. What else one wants? Your life is all set, bro.”
Tom stood up and slapped a tight one on his brother’s right cheek. Impression of his five fingers was shining on Sam’s face.
“I’m fed up with all this..every asshole comes and shouts that my life is set..i got everything..job..promotion..girlfriend turning wife..proud parents..fuck this shit.. Fuck it..”
“Didn’t you want all this? All these years we had been taught to be able to stand on our feet so that we don’t need to bow down in front of anyone and bro, you are well on your track..and still you are not calm. What is your problem?”
Tom didn’t want to open up that pile that won’t end up in a good way. So, again he decided to respond with silence.
But Sam was also determined to help out his brother. He persuaded him more and more and more and finally Tom spoke. He let out all his frustration and said,
“Surely, i wanted to succeed. Surely, i wanted to stand on my own feet, but on my own terms. Not being able to be in control of someone. Earlier it was the family that took care of me and now is the family of whom I got to take care.
It is not that i don’t love or i don’t care about them, but it is just that i wanna do it my way. Sooner or later, my body won’t have that energy and then the only option i had would be to be with my loved ones. But before that i wanna explore. I wanna experience every possible thing that exists on this earth. Every pain every sorrow, every bliss, every happiness. Anything and everything.
But just because I am a guy, i have to take care of the family. I have to earn well to provide my family with a good life style. I have to rub my ass for others and not for my own dreams.”
As soon as he finished his monologue, the unexpected happened.
Tom’s parents entered the room. Not only this, his to be wife was also with them.
They all saw what was causing the stress to Tom. And Tom also saw the exact same emotions in their eyes.
His bride came forward and hugged him and uttered, ” I love you. I wanna be with you, but not at the sake of our own happiness. I know how all this is causing you trouble, but trust me, i don’t want my husband to feel obligated.”
Tom was happy to hear all that, but was still in doubt that how come his parents and his love came to know about this.
Sam knew that this time the problem was big enough and he wanted a permanent solution. So, when he brought the booze in, he also informed his parents about this and instructed them to stand out. At the same time, he dialed her sister-in-law. And thus, they all arrived.
“Being a guy is not a bad thing..if you had not been the guy..i might not had been able to find my soulmate”, Tom’s bride kissed him.
And they postponed the marriage and together left off for a world tour.