The Cogwheel

Waiting for her call, my eyes glued to the screen
And from a few days it has now become my routine
But none of the time I got the call
With each passing second my heart did fall
She must be comsumed in her work, i try to console
And somehow i picture myself falling in a pothole
It’s not good to see myself so vulnerable
I feel pathetic and miserable
I decide to not give any more value
To the one who treats me like tissue
I make up my mind and manipulate my heart
That i’m better without her when she’s off the charts
For a fraction of time i feel good and relaxed
I feel i prevented myself from heart attacks
But cutting humans from your life isn’t a piece of cake
Sometimes the pain is too hard to take
One feels selfless and depressed
And finds himself in other people’s quest
And then out of blue comes out the shining ray of hope
The person we were dying for, serve us some dope
And then we feel delighted for sealing the deal
And then we ourselves turn ON the self destruction cogwheel.


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