A lot like Love

Why is there so much hustle about ‘the one’
Because love is game
In which even if you lose, you have won
The search for the perfect person never will end
It is just to keep the chase on
To just follow the trend.
Down the lane we all know we don’t need someone who is perfect
We all desire to be with someone
With whom we can deeply connect
Because true connection jump all the boundaries
No matter what are the odds
At the end of the day we are filled with peace
Isn’t that what we all crave for?
To hold the hands and talk
And walk all the walk along the shore?
But they say we fail the romance by trying to keep it forever
As only the unrequited love is beautiful When the two who are supposed to be not end up together
Isn’t this what we fear like hell
As no one wants to be away
From the one for whom they fell
I guess it is all messed up in our head
We believe the shit about love
Who someone else has said
And follow their trail without much intellect
And ourselves become the reason
Of the relationship we wrecked
We kept our hearts down and brains above
Maybe we never ever felt the true emotions
It was all false..it was a lot like love


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