HARAAMKHOR: The movie that MUSTN’T be Missed.

Bollywood has been thriving on the concept of love-triangle since eons, and almost every established actor has been a part of such films. From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan. From Salman Bhai to Ranveer Baba, each one played a stupendous role and the output: a box-office hit.
But never ever the same concept was portrayed with a brisk mindset and now HARAMKHOR stands at the portal who caters to do that. Not only the love triangle thing, but the way it focuses on a crucial, yet sensitive issue of misleading love and at the same time delivers it with modesty, the Haramkhor team indubitably deserves a bow. Screenshot_2017-01-16-18-36-34_com.android.chrome_1484572093264.jpg

Each one of us, at some stage or the other, for any specific reason or not, tends to develop a crush on our teacher. Sandhya, a fifteen years old sweet lass, happens to fall in the same category. Shyam on the other hand, a lustful married man, is one such sorts of a guy who unabashedly seeks females. Wrongly, Sandhya’s family circumstances (motherless girl and father secretly in a relationship) and the innocence of a teenager, both fuse together and end up as an illicit bond with her school teacher, Shyam. Next, the other two main character’s Kamal and his friend, Mintu do wonders in the movie and give a nostalgia of childhood via their incredible acts and insanely bizarre confidence. Kamal: the third angle of this non-equilateral triangle, falls for Sandhya and Mintu: the savior has some wand to fish his friend out every single time. Shyam’s wife Sunita eventually turns out to be an effective character and fits in the drama perfectly.

What impressed me most was the Script. Writing. Subtle and amazing. Pure and lively. The way each act connects with the other is catchy and each scene offers something new and unexpected and precisely, that’s what that holds the film.

The screenplay: Although the formulation of story is engaging, but what keeps the spirit higher is the screenplay and inarguably, the editor did his job without an error.

Background Score: The melody soothes the ears along with the immensely used music of the nature.


Acting: Every character is tailor-made.Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the teacher, like his every role, does an amazing job. Sandhya, played by Shweta Tripathi didn’t seem to be a newbie at all. Her expressions directly appeal to the heart of the audience. Kamal played Irfan Khan and Mintu by Mohammad Samad, do no less work than the big ones. Their presence on the screen only meant one thing: craziness and happiness. Trimala Adhikari’s adaptation as Sunita is recommendable.


Direction: The movie is shot in real locations and the naturalness can’t be kicked away. The mingling of the natural surroundings accordingly caters to the presence of mind of the director Shlok Sharma.

Music: Kidre Jawan song by Jasleen Royal perfectly depicts the situations not only of the protagonist of the movie, but also of each one of us. It’s vast and soulful.


Length: The movie is just 90 minutes. No doubt, the story is appealing and the portrayal on the celluloid is deepening. But keeping in mind the audience of INDIA, a little more description would have attracted a few more percentage. The presence of one’s mind in the movie hall is prerequisite in order to absorb the real essence of Haramkhor.

Dialogues: there are no specific or catchy dialogues that could trigger the audience. Although the conversations are involving, and some scenes: the DABANGG shirt removal, submission of tuition fee, the chappal giving scene, cycle puncture, Mintu’s reaction when Kamal says he would ask Sandhya’s father for his marriage with his daughter and the ultimate: barging in into Shyam’s house. But having Nawazuddin in lead and no hook dialogue is a bit depressing.

Ending: The ending is a tad-bit abrupt. It was like there should be something more. The movie ended in the middle of a sentence. Though, it is disturbing, but it’s certainly palpable. The climax scene was precise, but showcasing such thing to an Indian audience might not convince the audience for a second time watch.


Overall: HARAMKHOR mustn’t be missed at any cost. The storyline is promising and will entertain you if you are a real movie buff.

Special thanks should be done to the production house: Sikhya Entertainment for being brave enough and carrying on their legacy.

MY Rating: 3.5 + 0.5 (courageous concept implementation) ✌✌


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