The Idea of Us

Before you, that door was locked
Guarded with shackles and latches
The key was thrown somewhere
Deliberately in the piles of hedges.

But you, you broke that door effortlessly
With you presence just in front
Since you are guilty and responsible
You got to bear the brunt.

The thing that was locked inside
Was done after surviving some dents
Surely, it was hard that time and now too
As currently, I feel walking towards another torment.

Because with you, things feel different
But the end point appears the same
You and I living apart
Cursing this loathsome game.

But before the last goodbye
Let’s just stay with each other
Let’s feel each one’s breaths
And give me more of you to discover.

Don’t know why, but I feel I need you
Believe me, it’s real, and not any fuss
We together, perhaps, seems impossible, but the truth is
I spend most nights at home falling in love with the idea of us…


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