The M(iss)tery…

When i see you out there
In this cruel world
Draped in our own self-created shackles
Of pain and distrust
Wearing your ornaments
Of bruises and soreness
And still breathing each moment with ease
How do you do that lady, if I may ask?
How do you maintain your stance
I would like to know
I want to have a glance of the world
Through your eyes
I want to hear the sounds that tell you
None to trust
I want to feel those sensations you get
When the nostalgia of a lost relationship tears you apart
Again and again
How does that really feel to be like this, if you wanna discern…
Or still carry on this worldliness on the shoulders
That others feel are feeble
But are strong enough to evoke a revolution
I wonder how does it feel to possess such powers
I wonder how do you sustain all this with the self
Does that make you proud, sometimes?
Or does that scare the shit out of you?
Or is that the reason you keep to yourself
To not wish to share
Share not even a bit with anyone
Is this you are really hiding within?
Or it is just a vacuum inside
Gathered with the impressions of those
Who changed the world
Who showed everyone what they are
Who hoisted their flag
Is this the mystery?
Is this the mystery, baby girl.
If this too not! then what is?


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