Last night, a friend of mine and I opted to watch the on-going movie Trapped, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane.

It wasn’t that we weren’t expecting it to be dramatic and all, but we knew by the Director’s legacy, it sure would be involving as hell. And it was.


But this is not about the evolvement of the movie. It is something that the two of us were hit by the moment the film ended. And by this post, I like to be one step closer to what we felt.

In the movie, the protagonist: Shaurya, played by Rajkumar Rao, a simple insecure guy who is an underdog, by the grace of cosmic shit locks himself in an empty compartment on the 35th floor of a non-functional building. There is no electricity, no water supply, he lacks food and continuing the disgrace, his phones’ battery is dead, too. In all, he’s in a deep morass. And clearly, the movie is about how he gets himself out. How he liberates himself from the trap.


Whenever Shaurya attempted anything new: was it the crying for help using his own blood to write on the cardboard scraps, or to burn down the belongings of the flat to get attention, to beat the balcony grills with the saucepan, or to aim the lady on the terrace across the road with his self-made aiming tool, we were poked each time by the same thought. And it was: aren’t we all trapped? Are we not trying and attempting every possible act of sanity or insanity to get liberation from our own self? Aren’t we all gripped by the shackles of our own identities? Aren’t we all shut down in walls?
Don’t we all want to get out of the mess? I guess, each day we all fight the war with something or the other. Yes, we do.


And this film is just reminiscent to life. Each one of us. Just like the helpless Shaurya is hit by some of the nostalgic events of his life with his lover, Noori, and how he craves to get out from here and be with her and share just a roadside Pav-Bhaji. He even aspires to be in the reeking sweaty local train amid the herd. That’s all he desires. And that’s all it takes to live a happy life.


But not our desires pave out a way for our freedom. It is our determination at each level that makes it happen. Just like Shaurya’s. In order to survive in that doleful place, he chose to adapt. He improvised. That’s the key. Yes, it is cruel, but it is necessary. The survival of the fittest. And that’s what he did. He gave up his identity of being a vegetarian and ate the pigeon to hobble to the next day. And for the first time, the saying: God helps those, who help themselves made sense. Shaurya wasn’t ready to give up. Because of the scarcity of water, he didn’t resist to gallop down his own urine. And it was then when someone comes to our rescue. In the movie, it was the renowned Mumbai rains. The rains blessed Shaurya and he did no mistake. He used up that opportunity well to collect as much water he could. And that way he survived a few days more with the same praxis.


Though there are just a handful of dialogues in the movie, but this one dialogue that was the most perfect one. It seemed that the movie was written just to glorify these set of words that get down deep into your skin and once you when you realize their zeal, you feel a peace. The dialogue is: ‘Inhe kuch sunai nahi deta (Nobody hears nothing)’. These words are also a way of saying that one has to be his own hero. His own savior. No one looks up to you when you are in a mess. As it goes, everybody is fighting his own battle. Everyone is consumed in his own shit that no one can hear what the one in front wants to say. That’s one big statement about our nature. It’s sad, but it’s true.


The one lesson that we can take from the movie is: never to lose our wits. Whatever the situation maybe, how in deep trouble we are, first, we mustn’t give up and second, we must make every move with utter consciousness. Surely, not every time we will aim the jackpot, not every time we will hit the target, but making action is necessary. It is the action that matters. Nothing happens instantly in this world. Everything is a process. And success is just one of the case when the course of your action hit the right node. Just like, Shaurya sitting on 35th floor of an empty edifice, uses his wit to look up for something within the building in the reflection of a broken mirror. It is then he finds out that the grills of the 30th floor’s balcony are missing. He somehow feels that it could be his way out. But it is still uncertain. And that’s when after having a thorough thought he decides to go for it. After a certain amount of day’s effort, he’s able to break one of the railing pipes of his balcony. In that process, he had lost his energy, but not his enthusiasm. Because his tool was blunt, but it wasn’t just the tool that did the work. It was his persistence. Next, he crawls out of the balcony and is now the desi version of Spiderman. He descends down one step at a time, maintains his grip and reaches his destined balcony. On reaching the 30th floor’s balcony, he again faced another hurdle to break the balcony door to get inside the flat. But he did it. And he finally gets out. Yeah, the door of the 30th floor wasn’t locked. Not every door is locked. There always is one door or the other that holds the paths of our liberation.


We try a hell number of ways, but only a few of them turn out to be effective. But that doesn’t mean we should forget the ones that didn’t work out. The ones that didn’t work out, only made us worthy and strong to go for the ones that will work out.

And at last: what matters the most is the journey. Shaurya returns back to the same flat and looks at every corner of the compartment and all he does is a smile. He smiles because he knew what he went through. He smiles because now he knew what he’s capable of. He seemed confident than before. Isn’t what hurdles are there for?


P.S. All we want to do is THANK YOU to each and every person who was involved in the making of this movie. Yes, one big thanks. Trust us guys, we haven’t seen an epic Bollywood movie in a long time. We literally wanted to watch it again, but we had the last show of the day.
The PHANTOM Production house: you guys deserve a salute. Once again you showed that this movie is the outcome of the passion.


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