The teacher I liked…

Now, the college is about to over,

But still there are lots of memories,

That will always hover.

The friends and their insanity,

And some of the cheap pranks,

That spot us as the germs of humanity.

Among these happening moments,

There was this one,

That was totally against my temperament.

That moment is still instilled well in these veins,

No matter how much more I get,

But she will always remain.

Before her, everyone else just criticized,

But as she entered,

I wanted myself to be recognized.

To be the apple of her eye was the only motive,

And that led me to do stuff,

That was not my native.

Soon the peace took over the aggression,

What to say?

It was indeed the taste of heaven.

But what I was dreaming couldn’t be turned into a reality,

For me, it was an admiration,

But others tagged it as nasty.

For this reason, I still feel deprived,

As the feelings abstain,

For the teacher I liked.


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