I had read about it somewhere
They called it The Circle of Life
Like the thing that started once
Must end the same way it all began.

Now that I think about, it makes total sense
Let’s plunge to the past tense
As before there was no common feather
As before, were strangers to each other.

Soon we got in touch, learnt all we needed to
Giggled, laughed, had fun, enjoyed
Eventually we were in each other’s skin
Comfortably in peace with one anothers’ stink.

At that time who knew about the blizzard
It entered so silently, it’s steps couldn’t be heard
I believe it was a test of our bond
But we failed and it wrecked it all far beyond.

Was it that flimsy between us?
That a speck of sand was powerful enough?
The sacrifices of those long lost sleepless nights
Was something else and what I thought as our love?

Perhaps, we completed the circle
And are back to square one in the end
Not exactly, but like before,
We are strangers, my friend!