You, Me & F.R.I.E.N.D.S


Where have you been
I miss you my queen
When I don’t see you around
I cry like Rachel Greene.

Like Monika I organize my schedule
To spend time with you fool
But you show up never
And I hate when my mind turn cesspool.

I turn into Phoebe and imagine wired stuff
It surely is interesting, but is tough
But then i miss you more
Because you ain’t available for it to discuss.

What i feel for you, isn’t dross
I can say it with my heart’s cross
At times i feel you’re my lobster
Like Rachel was for Ross.

I promise to stay, I won’t turn into a rambler
I mean it with no sarcastic banter
Maybe the best way to put is
I’ll be your side, defeating acts of Chandler.

I don’t know how you stumbled onto my menu
And you act pricy, but you hold more value
Guess this is the last one to utter, so
Alike Joey’s food, I don’t want to share you.


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