It’s YoU..

‘What scares you the most?’
‘Life’, she said wistfully.
‘Is it because you didn’t get what you deserved?’
With an honest shook of her head, she answered, ‘because I got what I not deserved’.
Filled with conundrum, the guy adjusted his glassy eyes.
Stared at her for a while, longer than the usual
‘If it is the life that scares you, then why don’t you give it up?’
With a smirk, she raised her brows. ‘Because life is all about facing your fears’.
Grasping her words, the guy nodded. Though unsatisfied, and unwilling to give up, he further asked.
‘Then what excites you? Death?’
Forming an upward curve, she smiled at him for a quite a few moments. She knew he would get there.
‘Death excites you? Death? The one thing we all want to turn down. And you get excited about it? Seems like I just don’t know anything about you. You are one different person. For three years, who was I living with?’
Putting her hand on his, rubbing his palms against hers, she interlocked her fingers into his.
‘The less you know, the far we go’.
Yanking his hand out, outrageously he stood up.
Expecting this to befall, she calmly hugged him from behind.
With a lumpy voice, she said, ‘I told you, I got what I not deserved and am thankful it’s you’.


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