My First Crush..

Unlike today, the time was different before
It was way too difficult, but fun to score
And In those times of impromptus
I felt glad to sit right in front of you.

By the godly grace we were put in the same space
But by the satanic virtue, we never came face to face
We were like the raiload, walking together yet apart
None of us knew, from where to begin, how to start?

Not-so-soon, but after years the cosmos helped
Perhaps, that was the first time my heart melt
With slanted eyes, I looked at you each time I could
My story was started with you, amongst the pile of books.

Your shrilled voice, sometimes with that giggly touch
Pulled me towards you without thinking much
It was foolish back then, maybe I don’t know
And before I could grasp, I was in the casino.

It was sure to get my heart break
But it was sweet, so what if it was a mistake
And our ways got parted in hush
You walked out without knowing you were my first crush..


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