She was born to fly
But not her folks knew
Maybe no one knew about her
Nor she was aware about herself
Her journey began that day
The day she left the house
She was young by then
With her protected upbringing she was naïve
Naïve about the world she was steeping into
She met people, who were sweet on her face
But talked ill of her behind her back
She befriend people who smiled at her
But used her whenever they could
She helped people who were in dire need
Without an expectation of getting anything back in return
This was the remark of her upbringing
She fell in love with the ones who fell for her
But her bonding broke
One after another
Again and again
Her heart was shattered from time to time
It was turning out to be the routine
She couldn’t possibly grasp
Neither she knew how to decode
And one day, it happened
This time the broken heart didn’t look for solace
Instead, it looked beyond
Looked beyond at something far
Something that was unachievable for others
But for her, it was her native abode
The place was her reason to be alive
And with brave wings, she flies.