The world within!

What is a fad now, will fade after the moon
Who is close today, will leave soon
Attachment of any sorts is futile in every aspect
For short term pleasure it’s okay, but unending bliss you can’t get.
What you need is totally a different entity, like a book written in foreign words
Some even say it is a concept of another world!
Though being too far & foreign, it’s still not out of our sphere
That’s its magic; it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere
It is available in abundance, and yet we all don’t afford
Perhaps, it’s because we are so busy in collecting the plastic rewards.
So, what to do? From where to begin?
It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is: look within.
As, the world outside is beautiful. No Doubt.
But the world within is blissful. Throughout.


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