C’est la vie!

When we drifted apart
I was hurt
It kind of seemed impossible to grasp
But it surely was something that had befell.
When sudden things happen
That were supposed not to
Then mind runs for reasons and logics
To tranquilize it’s unending thirst
But no matter what
For some stuff there are no answers
No reasons, no logics behind
As just like what brought the two of us together in the first place can’t be explained
Our going in polar directions is also one unreasonable event
I got this late into my head
Almost two years after our shit
It happened during one of my travel
Trekking per se
When I ran into a French couple along the way
They asked me what caused me to rove up the mountain
‘Post Breakup Syndrome’ was what I had landed up with
The couple laughed at first and eventually got me
The blonde girl got my stance and very sweetly she uttered three words in her native lingual
Which her better half decrypted to me
And everything feel into place
Nothing seemed off the track, none out of this world
After all it wasn’t just us that got attacked
Indeed, The whole world is the victim
Or survivor, I’d rather say

As anything that happens or doesn’t happen is indubitably
Because it’s life, my dear…it’s life…it’s life…

C’est la vie! C’est la vie! C’est la vie!


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