We are going to fly!


‘I’m not a fan of the normalities…I prefer adventure…you know…something that really gets me going that we in general detest, rather avoid even thinking about it. Are you getting me?’
Lisa was in her right mind when she threw out these words at John.
‘Did you hear me, John?’
And John like every time guy was befuddled by her talk. He knew she was a crazy lass. Crazy would be un understatement to make. But John never stopped her from letting her heart out. He did that once when they were in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and Lisa then and there only showed him the trailer. He had to miss the coital action for two straight weeks.
But now it’s been more than three years and the two are still in very much in each other’s skin.
‘Speak up…John…speak…’ She grunted hard.
John sat inert. He had no apt response. He was such a normal guy who had planned his life out since when he was in grade two. As he just happened to witness a failure and in that very moment he decided to not meander off the track.
He successfully topped the school and made it big by strolling in an elite college for his next milestone to cross off the list. Three years hence, the last day of college, Lisa vented her heart out.

Sitting there, John was nothing but totally confused. It wasn’t his fault. Sometimes we don’t realize that the person we met and the person we are with, though being same physically, are yet two different people.
And what’s more irksome is the fact to take the decision: whether to change the self or leave the person?
Two thousand miles away, sat a family who had begun the countdown of their ward’s way back home. John, hasn’t been home since he entered the college. ‘I will be home only after I make it big’, were John’s words to his family when he was leaving.
But as the fate has decided, everything changed. He changed. But his goal didn’t. He achieved what he aspired to. And luckily his girl stood by his side in whatever he chose to do. It was Lisa who kept him focused towards his goal even knowing that they might not end up together.
And the words that Lisa just spat were her response to John’s proffer. He wanted one thing. She wanted something other. He wanted to stay on the ground. She wished to soar high. He wanted a settled future. She dreamed herself in the lap of uncertainty. He wanted a Bungalow. She saw the whole world as her home. He wanted to build his children a swing. She wanted her children to ride the clouds. They were different and so were their desires. They were humans, and so were their feelings. They had emotions, but with varied outcomes. They wanted life, but not without each other’s love.

Life was on the brink. They had to make a decision. They had to choose. Either this way or that. As it was the time. College was over. The days of enjoyment were on the last stage. Time was impending to get real, get pragmatic.
‘I have decided’, uttered John. His eyes directly at Lisa. Lisa looked at him with curiousity.
‘And what is it?’
‘We are going to fly’.
Lisa smirked at her lover’s remark. She knew he would say that. But she wasn’t selfish. She loved him and she knew what all he had achieved wasn’t just because of his fear of failure. He wanted to have it and therefore he did it.
‘Yes, we will’, said Lisa. ‘But only after we do buy a house, have kids and prepare them for flying’.


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