The gigantic jest…

As the days descend
I find myself in a morass
Something pulling me down every second
And what makes it worst
Is the unknowing of what is it…
It has been the same from quite a few months
The uncertainty is still in power
The direction of life is still clueless
And purpose? Still blurry like the beginning…
It’s not that I don’t want to change
I want to…desperately…but don’t know where to begin from
Whom to ask…whom to consult…whom to seek an advice worthy enough
The more I look, the more I become uninterested
As around, everyone seems the same to me
Everyone confused and stressed
And I wonder, do they too, recognize the gigantic jest…???
We all are snippets…a mere speck in this vast ocean of galaxies, planets and stars
Be it our size or our position in history
We don’t stand a chance in any aspect whatsoever
But then we are so obsessed and self-consumed
That we are walking aimlessly
To earn name, fame and fortune
Knowing that our existence is inexistent…


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