LoVe Bites

Very casually she uttered, ‘Move on’
According to her it was the best possible option
My all the time availability was taken
As granted; it was the moment of self realization
I was afraid what if she walks out; how will i survive
And she knew that i wouldn’t; so i was the one to be jeopardized
It wasn’t love that is for sure
Maybe there was something in the beginning, but now it is impure
In actual it is a game of wants and chase
In which one is joker and the other is Ace
We are told, If you desire for something you must strive
And by doing that there is no place we arrive
Being love and being loved is all a lie
Sooner or later every relation faces ugly bye-bye
And then becomes shallow and dull
You found yourself from where you started, a null
So, it’s better not to fall for the glittering lights
As the sweet bitch ‘love’..always bites.


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